Saturday, 28 June 2014

Outfit of the day, tweed and red!

So when i was putting this outfit together i was drawn towards Tweed which i haven't worn for a while. With the summer on its way. Ive been wearing a lot more summer dresses and 1940s suits when its been chilly and my tweed jackets and vintage skirts have been at the back of my mind( and the back of my wardrobe). But i fancied a change so decided to pair my tweed jacket with a cream checked pencil skirt and cherry red shirt. And of course no outfit is complete without a killer vintage handbag and a hat which matches your outfit.


Tweed jacket (part of a suite) £1 charity shop.
Red shirt - £3.99 salvation army
Cream pencil skirt - Ding Dong vintage
1950s shoes - British heart £4.99
blue crochet gloves - My great Aunts.
Red belt - £1 charity shop
necklace - Mams.

1940s Alligator skin handbag - gift from my love 
Scarf - Car boot sale 30p

1950s hat - Red cross £5
hat pin - Whitley bay charity shop £1
Red knitted snood - eBay £3

Fox fur - Gift