Friday, 20 June 2014

Recent charity shop buys all under £8!

Recent charity shop buys all under £8!

SO... ive been doing a lot of charity shopping recently and what can i say ive became obsessed over the last year or so with grabbing a ridiculously good vintage bargain. Because that's what charity shopping's all about ( except for giving to a charity) The THRILL! of a good vintage find. And for a crazy low price. thinking why on earth do people get rid of amazing things?! And sometimes i even forget that im giving to charity! because im so happy ive got a good deal on something great and sometimes ( nearly all the time) on things i do not need.

But today i decided to visit my favourite local charity shops one being age UK where you can get amazing vintage bargains for the fraction of the price you'd pay in a vintage shop. It has a vintage department upstairs selling vintage hats, bags, clothing and accessories such as jewellery.hats, lingerie and nightwear. And of course a good pair of vintage gloves. They even sell some home ware and have started to sell vintage baby clothes and baby toys. today they even had a sausage dog pull along toy AMAZING!!! 

I also visited some of my other favourite charity shops such as salvation army and British heart which is usually quite pricey. But ended up picking up some great bargains. So here they are.

Finally managed to get some original fully fashioned (seamed) stockings in the original packaging. They are going for crazy prices on eBay. For only £4 and got these Balmain designer tights for only £4 both from Age uk.

Another pair of vintage stockings which came in original packet £5.99 - Age uk

cream and whiteVintage girdle with suspender clips £4.99 -  Age uk

Vintage white lace bra/bustier £2.99 - Age uk

I already have WAY!. to many wicker handbags but couldn't resist this one i cant resist a good vintage handbag! and this one was only £4.99 - British heart

Since reading my " vintage handbags" book  and was looking up across body bags and long strap bags were also worn in the late 1940's through to the 50s i have wanted one so badly. And this one is perfect as i love red and even more perfect because it is leather and was only £2.99 - Salvation army

1950s hat £7 - Age uk

Ive been looking for a cute old glass dish to hold some of my most worn jewellery that wont fit into my jewellery box and got this cute pink one for £1
clip on earrings £2

I Couldn't decide which belt to get so i bought all of them i mean a girl can never have to many belts right? when you have a different colour belt to match each outfit then you have enough.
I love matching my belt to my outfit. £1 each

I was so exited when i found this amazing right ( cant remember the stone?) recently one of my amazing instagram followers (muskopam) sent me 27 pairs of amazing vintage earrings all the way for Canada and one of the pairs are identical to this ring! so i knew i had to have it! £2.